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How we started:

The start of Be Beau Designs was down to a saying  my husband and I had after our daughter was born that "1 + 1 = 3".  I wanted a sign or decorative item with this and eventually after much searching found a great lady who could cut just about anything from mdf wood...

Next I wanted an unusual light for my daughters room and after hearing her complain to many times that she never saw anything in the shop with her name on, decided to create her own personalised light using a glass block from a pile that my husband had for a Bathroom project he was working on and the rest as they say is history...


Why "Be Beau Designs"?

The name Be Beau Designs was originally decided as a combination of 3 things: The first being my daughter’s name (Beau), The second being the words I regularly say "Be Beautiful" (not as a reference to physical beauty but as a reminder that being beautiful is about being kind, thoughtful and considerate to yourself and others) and lastly "Design" because of my desire to design and create beautiful things for people, their loved ones and their homes.


Happy shopping and remember...Be Beautiful xxx

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